2014 Update

Again and again Lebanon never disappoints with its potential to become a rock climbing destination.

With some international climbers taking the bait that RAD has put out there the spring season was shaping up to be epic.

In the beginning of April I was joined by my Spanish friends Alvaro Arango and Toti Vales.


Alvaro was keen to learn the bolting process so we hiked to the top of the cliff to open the longest most natural line so far. Tannourine Trip is a 130 meter 4 pitch 6b that takes a plum line right facing corner system that is classic. We hope that it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Alvaro and I cleaned for days to clear the line of vegetation and loose rocks.

Toti Vales is a world renowned Spanish Rock climber and Alpinist ,leader of the Catalunia Alpinism Club, and all round great guy.

Tannourine Trip
Alvaro and I lead the route for the first ascent, Toti photographed the and we headed to the beach to enjoy ourselves








That evening I drove to Beirut airport to get the rest of the visitors
Brittany Griffith , Patagonia ambassador, accompanied by world famous climbing film producer Mike Call , and photographer Chris Bailey Speed.

The next two weeks we got up early, climbed in all the sectors and got great footage and got to tell the story of Sport for Development in Tannourine, Lebanon. Thanks MC! Here is a link to the Black Diamond video of the TRIP http://vimeo.com/109966394
Brittany bolted one line in Tannourine, in the Wata Houb sector. RAD provided the tools and equipment for this.

Toti and Alvaro wrote an article for Escalar magazine E93 Libano ESCALAR


Spring comes quick to Tann and so does summer, had a few nice days climbing but didn’t send this beautiful line equipped by Simon Rawlingson.

Fall, I arrived October 3 to the wonderful climate of the Lebanon. I had my eye on some obvious lines to open in the main sector. Did some vertical gardening and established Mt. Lebanon 5b with a 7a extension 35m and just to the the right Jeita Grotto 6a 35m a mega classic for the grade. Then filled in the Olive Grove a bit more with BroZ 5c with a 7c extension. Meanwhile George Emile was working in the Cascade equipping and sending ALMAZA 7a and Peanut 6b with a 7b extension.

Tony Dagher on Peanut

I was opening a line on the other side of the falls Chmél 7a+ a nice tufa to a steep crack. Then moving right along the Massoud sector Emile got the Fa of a line I equipped Most Men are Wicked 7c+ a crimpy grey face. I then equipped and sent Enjoy Thyself 7b+ 35m also in the Massoud sector.
Now for the main course The Shawarma Caves. We were joined by The North Face athlete Sam Elias who was excited to check out this new climbing sector. He went to work on a line equipped by Simon Rawlingson and sent a few days later.

Rooted 8b is by far the hardest line done so far in Tannourine.

Shawarmaholic 8a photo Sam Elias

I had equipped a line last year in the cave, put the moves together and sent Shawarmaholic 8a, it takes the main pillar that splits the cave all the way to the top!

The rain moved in so it was off the the shelter of St. Jacobs. Sam bolted and worked the moves on a killer line on his last day, RAD provided Sam with lodging, food, transportation in Lebanon , the equipment and tools to bolt, plus a tour of the established sectors.

Jacobs Ladder 8a .
This is the first line bolted in St. Jacobs and I was able to Redpoint it this week!
Updated 2015 topo will be available next week. Inshallah

And of course there were a lot of BBQ’s, beers and good times had by all.

Love this place,

Wallah 7c+ photo by Chris Bailey Speed

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  1. Sam Elias says:

    Dude, I didn’t even see this till now. It’s awesome.

  2. Laurel Arndt says:

    Is it easy to get to Tannourine and is there a ex-pat climbing community in Beirut? I am going there in April, would not mind checking it out climbing some of this.

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