Four new climbing sectors opened in Tannourine, Lebanon

Sixteen new climbing routes have been opened by R-A-D in May and June 2012, twelve of which are in a new climbing area, Tannourine El Tahtar, just below the Cedar line, an hour and a half from Beirut.

Inspired by pioneering climber Georges Massoud, who rubbed sand on his feet to climb the cascade barefoot in the 1920s, the first sector to be opened is named after him.

George Emil on Halas Habibe, 7a+, Olive Grove Sector, Tannourine

Tannourine, Olive Grove Sector

  • Khalas Habibe, 6c, extension 7a+, 48m, FA George Emil
  • Yalla Balla, 6b, extension 7b, 42m, FA Will Nazarian

Tannourine, Cascade Sector

  • Ashtarut, 6b, FA Will Nazarian

Tannourine, Georges Massoud Sector

  • Sharmuta, 7b+, 25m, FA Will Nazarian
  • Fatoush 7c+, 20m, FA Will Nazarian
  • Call me when you’re bleeding, 5c+, 25m, FA George Charde
  • Georges Massoud, 6a, 30m, FA Katy Anderson
  • Boobies in Batrone, 7a+, 28m, FA Will Nazarian
  • Tannourine, the water the cedars drink, 6c+, 30m, FA George Emil
Katy Anderson on George Massoud, 6a, Tannourine

Tannourine, The Ant Sector

  • Ant, 4-, 12m, FA Katy Anderson
  • Bee, 4+, 12m, FA Katy Anderson

Five routes have been established at Dread Rock in Amchit, close to the ancient Phoenician town of Byblos on the coast. This sector was opened by George Emil, Jad Khoury, Steve, Edwin, George Nicholas and the Amchit crew!

Will Nazarian on Phoenician Phoenix, 7a+, Dread Rock, Amchit

Amchit, Dread Rock

  • Wein is Where, 5c+, 25m, FA Katy Anderson
  • Phoenician Phoenix, 7a+ 30m, FA Will Nazarian
  • Immaculate Elephant, 8a+ project, 25m
  • Je passais par hazard, 5c, 25m, FA Jean-Marie Boimond
  • Requiem pour un herrison, 6b, 25m, FA George Emil

More routes in the works. To contribute to the bolting activity and donate to R-A-D’s mission please contact us at:

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