Autumn Trip 2012 Tannourine

Return to Tannourine, October 5 – December 5 2012

500 bolts have gone into creating a total of 40 lines in Lebanon.

In early October we were excited to be back in the village, and see what our friends from Rock Climbing Lebanon had been up to over the summer.

George Emil climbing his project in the Olive Grove

First week the team got busy opening four new routes in the Olive Grove Sector.

Tony Dagher and Jad Khoury go to work in the Olive Grove

It’s really starting to look like a crag.

Great to hang under the olive trees and climb on the cliff in the afternoon shade.

Jad and George’s Aywa, 6a+ became an instant classic.

Several of the warm ups have 35m extensions up to 7c+.

The Olive Grove Sector’s first beginner climbs have been established: Kaptain Keefta, 4b; and Boomeh (meaning Owl), 5b.

In addition, Tony Dagher joined the bolting crew to put up and send I Scream or Ice Cream 6c.

Will Nazarian opening Beroe

The Olive Grove’s overhanging tufas have been breached with Beroe, 7b; Tufa Lillazina (meaning Tufas for the people) 6c+;  Hygeia, 7c+ and Caliope, 6c+.

The latter climb’s first ascent was one of three first ascents on a public holiday.

November 22 is Lebanon’s Independence Day (and this year coincided with American Thanksgiving) with a great turnout, see time lapse !

The 7 Sages of Socrates inspired two new lines on the Massoud Wall – named after the wise sayings “Caution Attracts Ruin“, 7b and “Recognize Opportunity” 7b+. Both classic 35m lines, on blue and gold stone were freed on 7 November.

Will Nazarian bolting Jacob’s Ladder

We moved up to the overhangs near St. Jacobs Hermitage to seek shelter from the autumn storms.

The area’s first Ground Up Solo bolting was achieved with Removable bolts on sweet lines, see the time lapse.

Showed George and Jad how the process works and they took right to it, establishing projects of their own.

All five projects in this sector will be in the 8 grade no doubt.


Will Nazarian on Jacob’s Ladder (8a project)

We established Tannourine El Tahta’s first multi-pitch climb on December 1. It’s the second pitch on top of the first climb we put up, named after legendary local rock scrambler George Massoud. The first 35m pitch is 6a, the new 35m second pitch is 6b, from a nice belay ledge, climbing on perfect blue stone. We still need to add a third  short 20m pitch to the summit.

In all our endeavors we were firmly supported by Mounir Torbey, Mayor of Tannourine Municipality and we thank him for his passion for the project.

This wraps up the first year of a five year project plan. Next steps include working on amenities including camping and other accommodation, with the hope of holding a climbing festival in November 2013. Yalla Lebanon!

copyright – all photos by Kate Anderson, 2012

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