Information about visiting Lebanon

There is a page that we hope will be useful for planning a trip to Lebanon.

Fair Warning:
Lebanon is a politically unstable environment so it’s good to keep up with current events.
The Daily Star in English
L’Orient du Jour in French

Here is a list of government links that might apply to you :

The areas covered in this page are calm and known for tourism of ruins and beach resorts. They are in the central coast foothills above Jbeil (Byblos).

Location of climbing sectors mentioned in this blog

Location of climbing sectors mentioned in this blog















We have made five trips to Lebanon since May 2011 and have not encountered any difficulties other than crazy traffic.

Good things to know

MEA has direct flights to Beirut most days from many European cites. They also allow an extra 23 kilo bag for sports equipment (climbing gear included if prearranged).

If you are curious to know more about visiting Lebanon feel free to contact us at:


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