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RAD creates a climbing park in Tannourine

September 6, 2016

RAD creates a climbing park in Tannourine

The reputation of Tannourine as a rural tourism destination for rock climbing has been established through the completion of a USAID grant, the first of its kind in Lebanon, and in terms of rock climbing for development, it seems to be a world first.  RAD has built 177 pitches in a rural village where nobody had thought to sport climb. This project has breathed new life into the village of Tannourine. […]

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Clipping steel ornaments on I mean Yameen 7c in #Tannourine #Radorg photo @katy_anderson

Said Beljah @said_belhaj on-sights 10,452 Km2 7c+ In #Tannourine #Lebanon #Radorg

Said Belhaj @said_belhaj on-sights by headlamp Enjoy Thyself 7b+ in #Tannourine #Lebanon #Radorg